The Big Music Project

On Saturday 10th March, six students who take part in ‘The Big Music Project’ were sent up to London to the popular nightclub Ministry of Sound, to attend inspirational workshops and talks on the music and media industry.


The Big Music Project is an organisation that helps young aspiring musicians get started.

“If you’re 14-25, love music & the creative industries, and want to get your career on the right track then we’re here to help YOU make it

happen.” - The Big Music Project


We started our day bright and early by meeting at the station at 6:30 am, arriving at London Paddington Station at 10:00.After a speedy trip down the Bakerloo Line, we finally arrived atMinistry of Sound. We received a warm welcome, being kindlygreeted and given a goody bag filled with things like a minispeaker, headphones and a lollipop.

We were then shown into ‘The Box,’ which is one of the main rooms of the club. As we walked in, there was loud club music playing, with colourful lights around the room. Two presenters shortly appeared on the stage, introducing the day and getting the energy up, ready for a short panel.


First we were introduced to Luke England, a lawyer who has worked with artists such as One Direction. Next we were introduced to Jay London, a radio presenter. Lastly we were introduced to an artist with the stage name ‘Wonder Woman,’ who owns a free recording studio in London for aspiring artists. They answered some questions from both the presenters and the audience members, all about the industry and the work they have done within it.


Once it was time for the first scheduled session, our group decided to go to the ‘Surviving the Industry’ talk by a rapper under the name ‘Que the Wolf.’ He talked all about his battle withdepression, how he got through it, and how it affected the way he would look at his career. It wasreally interesting to see that even people with their dream job can still struggle with mental illness.


For the second session, we decided to go to the Q&A with three radio presenters. This definitelywas really good for a few members of our team to see, as it is the sort of thing they like to do. They gave a lot of great advice to aspiring presenters, even taking some cards and giving people contacts.


We then had our lunch break, where they put music back on and provided everyone with free Subway sandwiches and crisps. There was a free photo booth set up, where you would get a print out with The Big Music Project logo on it, as well as a digital copy emailed to you. The energy in the room was phenomenal, it was amazing to see people from across Britain engaging together and sharing things they are proud of.


When lunch was finished, we all headed back to The Box, where we started. Some of the otherchampions (the name us members of The Big Music Project are given) performed a variety ofdifferent things, including spoken word poetry, original songs and raps. Some of the stand-outperformances included a girl named Charn, who sang her own song about not being afraid of what life gives you. This was a really emotional song, causing tears and a standing ovation. Another stand out performance was a 13 year old rapper named Tyreese, who sang his own rap, causing such an amazing reaction that the audience begged for an encore, and he even got picked up by the crowd.

This whole trip was incredibly inspirational and amazing to be a part of; It really helped us open our eyes to the talent across our country.


This group of students, as well as a few others, are organising an event inspired by the work of The Big Music Project. The event is called ‘The Silence,’ and it is made to share the talent ofyouth across Plymouth. 700 students will be there from several different schools. There will be twostages for students aged 14-16 to perform on, as well as a silent disco in the theatre for up to 400 people.

A silent disco is an event where people dance to music on wireless headphones. The headphonesare connected to three different radio stations controlled by a DJ. Those without the headphones hear no music, giving the effect of a room full of people dancing to nothing.


“If you’re 14 - 25, love music & the creative industries, and want to get your career on the right track then we’re here to help YOU make it

happen.” - The Big Music Project

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