Spanish Exchange Trip

A week in Seville

On the 26th of February at 3 am, a group of students departed Plymouth School of Creative Arts heading towards Exeter Airport, to start our adventure as part of the Spanish Exchange. The bus was filled with nerves as students began to realise they would be staying with complete strangers for the next week.


’I was very scared while preparing to leave my home and family for a week. I was so excited to meet the exchange students.’ - Kezzy Yr 10


We checked in at the airport, went through security and then had an hour or so just to relax around the airport. We were then called to our boarding gate, which was when the nerves really kicked in for most. For some people this was their first time flying; some people were genuinely nervous about going to a different country.

     When we landed in Malaga, we got off the plane, went through border control and finally we were in Spain. While we were waiting for the bus to take us to Seville, we looked around some of the stores while soaking in the Spanish sun.


After three long, hot hours on the coach, we finally arrive at the school that our exchange partners go to. We are introduced, within a ‘meet and greet’ where food is served and we chat with the exchange students before having a few games to get to know each other. 

     At about 6:00, we parted ways and travelled to the houses where we would be staying for the week. I unpacked some of my clothes, a group of us then went to a mall in a town next to Palomares Del Río. This was our first night out exploring the nearby town. We looked around the shops, had our first McDonald’s of the trip and ended the night with a delicious ice cream.


The day after we woke up and went to their school at 8.15am for a science lesson. Afterwards, we departed towards the centre of Seville for a bike tour of the city centre. We looked at the tobacco factory, as well as the new university and finished with a interesting cycle along the river. We then waited for our bus by the river while speaking to other exchange people. A group of us went back to the mall in the evening to get some food and look around other shops, we then headed back to the town and met up at a local kebab shop. We all got kebabs and relaxed at the park nearby for an hour or so before heading back to our houses.


Wednesday was a bank holiday in Andalucía. A small group of us spent the day at an arcade centre called Soho Bowling, where we had a game of bowling then played a few games in the arcade before heading back to relax at the park in the town. We then went for a walk around the town to explore the maze of small alleys behind the main streets.


The next day we went to the school at 8.15 for a history lesson in Spanish, even though it was in a different language, it was still boring. Afterwards we had an Adualucían breakfast of bread, oil and sugar which surprisingly was really good. Afterwards we all got on a bus heading towards the city of Seville for a walk around an art gallery. The art was mostly contemporary and modern which contrasted the building as it was an older build. After we finished at the art museum we went to a nearby mall in Seville, we didn’t have ages in the mall but, we were able to get a McDonalds and look around some shops (and waste most of our money).


We then got the coach back and went back to our homes for an hour. Then, at about 4:45, a group of us went to a trampoline park called Costa Jump where we basically jumped around for an hour. We then went back to the town where we were staying and met up at the park for a few hours, before heading back to our houses for dinner and an early night.


The next day we arrived at the school for another lesson in Spanish before leaving to head towards the city of Seville to look around the Alcazar of Seville. We looked at the interior decoration of the palace which had fabrics up against the walls, beautiful tiles and an amazing garden that was based around the senses. Afterwards we went to look around a shopping area of Seville where we just wasted more of our cash on useless stuff. Afterwards, we headed to Hard Rock Cafe for a drink and just to get us out of  the rain. When we all ordered our drinks we were impressed by the bartender as he very skilfully hand crafted our drinks. We then headed back to the town to then go back to costa jump for the second time before heading back to a friends house for a few hours.


On the weekend we didn’t see our teachers and we just stayed with our families, a few people went to a carnival that day and a small group went to a barbecue then to the mall again for the last time.


On the Sunday my family took me and my exchange person into Seville to look around the city centre, we look at the cathedral and the gardens of Seville before heading back to the town for one last night.


On Monday we went to the school for our last lesson. We then headed off to the Bird Sanctuary near the town where we spent a few hours looking at exotic and local birds from around the world. We almost got attacked many times but it was a nice day outside so we enjoyed it. We then headed back to the school for a paella and a last chance to say goodbye to everyone. There were lots of tears as the bus pulled up to take us back to Malaga then a flight back home.


The trip we went on was one of the best trips ever for most people, and especially myself. I made tons of amazing friends in Spain and got closer with people from school. It will always be one of those trips that you always look back to and hopefully a small group of us will be heading back in the summer.


"I was very scared while preparing to leave my home and family for a week. I was so excited to meet the exchange students.- Kezzy Yr 10

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