Horse Riding

Holly's journey

Hi i’m Holly, I am 15 years old and this article is about my horse riding journey from where I was to where I am now. I started horse riding when I was 7 at Wembury Bay horse riding school, and rode a Welsh cross Quarter horse cross Appoloosa named Pebbles and have been riding ever since. I starting riding there after i went to my friends birthday party and I just got in to it. After riding at Wembury  I started riding at Newton Ferres Equus, and had a skewbald coloured cob named Olli. I returned to Wembury and had Crunchy, which is a Heinz 57. My current Yard where I ride is private and based in Plympton where I have Libby.


Horse riding impacts my life massively as it helps me express myself but also I do miss having my own life since it takes a lot of dedication. I stress most of the time and horse riding has helped me become myself a lot more recently in my day to day life. But one of the things that i like about horse riding it that if there is any home or school stress, i can just get away from it all with my horse.


I got into horse riding competitions by watching Mary King and her daughter Emily King ride and compete in a competition and I knew from then that's what I wanted to do. Currently for competition I mostly showjump and sometimes I do dressage. The skills that I have learnt recently are Horsemanship and positions over the fences in jumping.  

Horse riding impacts my life massively as it helps me express myself "

My short term goals are to be able to own a horse and compete more in local competitions. My long term goals are to compete in International competitions and own my own yard or carry out equine therapy and saddle fitting. My aspirations are to eventually get to the Olympics in Puissance high jump competition.

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