What inspired you to beatbox?


It started of with me in primary school, I used to live in Hereford Malvern, Worcestershire with my best friend named tony Tony John Evans, but we just called him TJ. He could only beatbox the simple stuff but it was amazing how he did it and I was just so interested, I really wanted to learn how to, so I asked him, and he helped me, he really simplified it for me to understand and I practiced everyday looking for new creative sounds I could make and learn, and now, 3 years later, I am very good at it. I video called him a couple of months ago, he said from his own words that I am better than him at beatboxing and that I could win any beatbox championship, I was so happy that he said that because he made me feel like the best beatboxer in the world. However, despite this, I have crazy stage fright and I get very nervous when someone asks me to beatbox for them so I don't think I can go on stage and battle in front of millions of people, but thank you TJ.

" I will always be striving to become a better beatboxer even when I'm in my grave. "

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What makes you different to any other beatboxer?


I think what makes me different to any beatboxer is just my style and the beats I create, I beatbox in my own way and learn from myself. Say everyone is on one planet and they all beatbox the same way and learn one style and form of beatbox, I'm on another planet learning from myself and others, and learning new and very different sounds and beats. Beatboxing makes me who I am and I will always be striving to become a better beatboxer even when I'm in my grave.


My dream is to put myself out there and become apart of the beatboxing community with many famous and incredible beatboxers, I just need the confidence and patience and most of all a lot practice because I want to be able to beatbox as well as some of these artists.

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